Monday, January 29, 2007


It has been an insanely busy last couple weeks. I'm currently in Julian, CA updating. We're down here doing some mission trip research stuff. Everything is going well, things are great, I promise I will try to update more later. I'm alive, hope things are going well.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Things I learned from Jr. High Guys

My name backwards is Darb Katsoh. I think that's pretty cool. I learned that from JP Lahgoub!

Had a fun weekend at the Sonics Game, and then Seahawks Game. It was a good but very long Sunday. We had a memorial service in the middle of the day. This week I'm getting ready for our winter retreat aka The Big Deal. We're heading to Portland for a day and a half. I had a great time hanging out with jr. high guys yesterday at a basketball game. Things are going well. It's paperwork day, so I'm back at it


Tuesday, January 02, 2007


What a great Sunday. Everything went really well. I was barely nervous, so I felt very comfortable and things went great. The only time I was claerly nervous was during the kids message (Was never comfortable with my idea and just didn't flow well) but the overall sermon was great. I preached on Exodus 3-4 and the idea that Moses kicked and screamed but in the end was willing to follow God and do what he asked and the idea was that instead of making new years resolutions that we'll break in 2-3 weeks why not use this time as a year to follow God, and trust Him and follow him wherever. Had a great day, I felt really good up there, and am definately excited to do it again. Things are going well. Gearing back up for youth group this week and start looking to mission stuff.
Hope you had a great new year